A Time Away from Now – Notebook

Today I found my old red notebook from a few years ago.  This is what was inside:

  • Stockholm Syndrome scene
  • Story transitions notes
  • Weapon designs for two fictional guns
  • Spin mechanics
  • Theory on how unlimited ammunition from games works in real life
  • Non-locality and applications for entanglement
  • Quantum Computing, Teleportation and Turing Machine
  • Writing environments
  • 2-Dimensional Characterization
  • 5 character designs for an unfinished story
  • Foreboding graffiti
  • Music Theory for Deep House
  • Music names
  • Half-arsed storyboard
  • Precursor to a warning system idea I’ll probably use a lot
  • Philosophical musings on racism
  • Time travel theory
  • Excellent exercise for building time loops in stories
  • Stuff on cultural and critical theories
  • Dialogue for guys picking up girls
  • Psychedelic locations
  • A rad Aztec-inspired drawing of the ‘Ghouls n Ghosts’ logo
  • Cultural explorations of the upper dimensions and the stagnation of electronic music (at that time, obviously)
  • Drumtraks
  • Proto-understanding of what a story is
  • Poetic piece on escaping your own actions by retreating into your psyche

Yeah…  Seriously.



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