Your imagination should regularly ejaculate

A New Age takes root on a global scale.  The collective consciousness is changing / evolving and with it morphing humanity through an ouroboros cycle of self-creation.

With screenwriting, imagination should be unbound, spirited.   An experience for the eyes, mind and spirit.

Alejandro Jodorowsky said of the ships in his Dune:

I do not want that the man conquers space
In the ships of NASA
These concentration camps of the spirit
These gigantic freezers vomiting the imperialism
These slaughters of plundering and plunder
This arrogance of bronze and thirst
This eunuchoid science
Not the dribble of transistorised and riveted hulks
The divine one
The delirious one
The superb one
I want magical entities, vibrating vehicles
To prolong to be to it abyss
Like fish of a timeless ocean. I want
Jewels, mechanics as perfect as the heart
Womb-ships anterooms
Rebirth into other dimensions
I want whore-ships driven
By the sperm of passionate ejaculations
In an engine of flesh
I want rockets complex and secret,
Humming-bird ornithopters,
Sipping the thousand-year-old nectar of dwarf stars…

Like water, the imagination should be fluid when pouring into a story. When inside, continue to move, crash, still, savage, clear. Your imagination is coloured with intertextuality of subtle and bombastic rigours.

Life and Art.  Read it all then spoof on the competition.



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