The Mirror of a Thousand Faces – a random tale

Salvador Dali said of himself:

Dali cannot interpret Dali.

The Alchemist from The Holy Mountain said:

You are excrement. You can change yourself into gold.


ATRIXANO (29) walks towards the ocean in a daze, his left hand points to the earth, his right to the sky.  Clouds gently pass above as the moon, shimmering dull yellow, reveals itself.

Atrixano stops at the a shore. He falls to his knees, dropping his arms. He looks around and turns to find a pale night sky and swamp behind him.

He looks down to the ocean washing in and out, caressing his knees.

A tiny crab washes up.

Atrixano gently picks it up. The two stare at each other.

This is my father.  He
watches over me.

Atrixano opens his mouth as he pushes the crab in. He gnashes it between his teeth.

He rises, walks into the water. Spits out the crab as a breeze shoots by.

He spreads his arms to embrace the cool air — goosebumps.  He looks down.

Atrixano’s feet have turned to gold.  He can’t move.  He begins to stress.

I am no fool.

His whole body turns to gold and he glimmers under the pale moonlight.  His stance is of discomfort and discord.

The clouds cover up the moon above.

Atrixano loses his glimmer, now draped in darkness.


Passersby have stopped to take in this sight of a seeminly random golden statue on the beach.

Err… Must be some art exhibit.

A pelican swoops down and lands on the gold statue of Axtriano.  SQUAWKS, looks around, then takes a shit.




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