Slip, Jab, Cross, Hook-ma!

Daily writing is essential to any budding writer.  But it can be hard.  You need to set yourself a goal, say 200+ words a day that relate to your focus, here screenwriting.  Then you need to charge it with, what some call, psychomagic or magic power.  By this I mean make the goal public, put it out there, then repeat it like a mantra, repeat the task, writing everyday; reverse journaling.

Here, I try to conjure a writer from the Dreamtime, make a tulpa come real through sheer force of will to mastery of the craft.  In the shadows of my mind, a doubt exists that precludes my goal by whispering impossibles.  Though, behind that doubt lies the substrate to my mind, a way of Martial Artists: the unification of mind, body and spirit in order to attain perfection of self.  An impossible journey but one that provides grounding, clarity, balance, strength and hope.  So, things are always looking up.

Reading, reading, reading, the essentials’ essential.  Finding the time is hard, but time is an illusion and sleep something that can be focused.  If the mind is steel then the body can be tamed.  Let no woe put asunder.



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