Underskin Review

I watched Under the skin (2013) yesterday at Cinema Nova, the new British science fiction movie with Scarlett Johansson as a seductive man hunter who’s come to Earth to seduce as many blokes as she can in order to feed “something,” but begins to lose sight of the mission as she slowly begins to unravel from dealing with being “human.”  Honestly, there’s not much more than that.



The film depicts a unique kind of extraterrestrial horror in their form, skin, tone and Lovecraftian practices.  However, the film only visits the edge of the horror genre, instead choosing to begin as a tense but slow thriller that never really picks up speed and veers off into the bubbling base drama about an alien dealing with being human.

Unfortunately, the drama of alien-Scarlet dealing with her new humanity is some parts cliche and in need of further development; I’d seen it before.  If the film continued with the thriller and horror aspects while maintaining the drama, I think it would have been much more enjoyable ride.

The cinematography is pretty damn cool.  The mating ritual and black pool scenes are mystifying and really paint the tone of the movie, while the setting of dark, grey Scotland really helps frame the story to evoke a rather unique timbre overall.  It kind of reminded me of The Kill List (2011).


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