Master of Macabre: The Art of Guy Davis

Sometimes you need to look to art for inspiration for few a words.  With the timeless art of Guy Davis – the genius talent behind designs for Hellboy, B.P.R.D., Pacific Rim, The Strain, not to mention his own macabre masterpiece The Marquis – you’re going to need a whole a notebook… actually, make that two.  Behold, the eerily emotive, soulfully creepy artworks of…


Illo_COM_Diver_pop 63a24353e56f703436fe71d5cd9978fc tumblr_lf70gjRD4w1qce9ueo1_500 tumblrlcma5xjd0w1qce9ueo11280 8336394_orig tumblr_krwgnjexqV1qz72v7o1_500 scan_0005 7ac0407e576c0aed62e16755accbe1aa wendy davis_art_01Guy Davis, The Spectre Cover after Mike Mignola 0207 guydavis_illo_nevermen cloakcostumemodel daltonjamesrosemain GuyDavis_SolomonKaneBLACKRIDERS1 10404889936 0205 mnd11_guy_davis guy_davis_kaiju_unused_12_rev

What dark fantasies arise upon a moon’s age of observation, when Solomon’s soul sings and the Seals of the 72 Kings are made in metals of Chief Kings gold and Marquis silver?


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