Building Loglines


How many loglines can you come up with just by looking at the below pics?  

For this I’m going to use the guidelines of logline creation developed by Rob Tobin.  I find it’s a good place to start when creating a logline.

Ally’s M.O.:
Life Changing Event:
Implied Journey:


spiderman2099 bernard faber_0001 Fantomas No. 2-507 MoonKnight-Dreaminh the_marquis_low Wallace MacKentzy 01 Wurzach_Pfarrkirche_Decke_Westteil zardoz mysterio (1)


A costumed vigilante haunted by ghosts, with the help of an ex-pornstar sci-fi nut, must capture an elusive magician by defeating a global organisation of sex kittens in order to return a weapon that can kill phantoms back to the King of England. 

Yeah, it needs work.  How about…

A porn nerd and a haunted vigilante must reclaim a magic gun from an elusive magician before he uses it to kill the King of England. [ADVENTURE-COMEDY]

A porn [Flaw] nerd [Hero] and a haunted [Ally’s M.O.] vigilante [Ally] must travel the globe [Implied Journey] to reclaim a magic gun from an elusive magician [Opponent] before he uses it to kill the King of England [Life Changing Event].

Out there stuff.  I reversed the roles of the hero and ally from the first logline, I think it makes it more interesting if the porn nerd is the hero. But I had to cut the sex kittens part out and sex sells!  Maybe another do over?  Anyway, a good exercise for making loglines, and once you have your logline, you have your movie!



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