Building Loglines II

Continuing from last post, now I’m going to apply lateral thinking (which this post will definitely not do the concept justice) to the logline I created, which should give me a selection of unique ideas.  The logline is as follows:

A porn nerd and a haunted vigilante must reclaim a magic gun from an elusive magician before he uses it to kill the King of England. [ADVENTURE-COMEDY]

Note: I used Rob Tobin’s logline creation method in the last post, which lines up with what they’re selling at Script Lab, as per video below.  Kind of interesting. 

Right.  So, when lateral thinking it helps to first decide on the genre.  The last was an adventure-comedy.  This time let’s go with science fiction.  My fav!

Porn nerd -> Sexless prince -> Alien painter
Haunted vigilante -> Starfighter’s ghost -> Enthusiastic cosmonaut
Magic gun -> A.I. -> Super rifle
Elusive magician -> Genius space-jockey -> Master assassin
Kills the King -> Marries the Queen -> Loses her love

As you can see I’m just brainstorming random shit that may work in space.  If put together you get:

A sexless prince and a starfighter’s ghost must develop an A.I. to trick a genius space-jockey into the marrying the Queen. [Not really science fiction, more comedy in space.]

An alien painter meets an enthusiastic cosmonaut who teaches him to become a sniper in order to stop a master assassin from killing his lover. [This sounds more like an action movie with romantic overtones.]

A sexless prince defends his sanity from an alien A.I. with the help of a porn assassin while on a journey to paint the King. [This could be science fiction, art-house, comedy, fuck, who knows?  But it sounds interesting.]

So really, once you get the logline down, you need to then work on fleshing it out some more while developing more ideas along the way.

Writing never sleeps.


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