Spheres of Storytelling

Keeping tabs on the recent announcements at San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC), I was gleefully surprised by DC Comics’ new universes spanning limited series, by Grant Morrison, Multiversity.  Information here.

Multiversity-map_1400x1074 (1)

One thing I find really interesting is the map Morrison and Ryan Hughes created for the story, which will now be a roadmap for all ongoing stories from DC moving forward.  Awesome.

Quickly reading over the map, you can see that it gains inspiration from Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy — The Celestial Spheres of Heaven.Ptolemaicsystem-small heaven2

Yeah, so, this type of pre-work is good to help map out your story, pun intended, as well as develop guidelines, backstories to follow, locations to visit, and whatever else.  Of course, this type of map making works best for fantasy or science fiction stories, but doesn’t mean it should be ruled out for urban dramas or rom coms or whatever, really.

Story set in London?  Draw a rough sketch of London from memory, add the places characters may visit.  Answer What, Why, How and When. Obviously, it will illuminate the space and time within the story, adding some cool nuances to your storytelling, which is the main purpose overall.



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