Horror Master: The Art of Richard Corben

Sometimes you need to gain inspiration from the world around you — art.  Richard Corben’s been at it for years.  His work speaks louder than any words.  A personal favourite of mine, his art drops my jaw every time.

richard-corben-batman 08 06_corben_goldenage_07_scarletcitadel corben EdgarAllenPoe-PrematureBurial-a59ee corben-005 HellboyBeingHuman hellboyinmexico-02 hellboy-01 17-657-6 gr6p10a tumblr_lzgh5qGOcV1r4w8k5o1_1280 2679222-ghost_rider__7___page_4 Richard Corben-Pilgor-The bodyssey 24 Hellboy-by-Corben Marvel-фэндомы-Ghost-Rider-1035604 e585650f24371ebdb3ff2c715c677879 EAPoe_FallHouseOfUsher2 richardcorben-losviajesdesimbad38 09 the-shadow richard-corben_cover_bizarre-sex-n5_oct1976 blz12 tumblr_mpsazk0qN71rvktx4o1_1280 hellboy-06




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