Guarding the Galaxy

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy at IMAX.  It’s a hilariously fun, fast-paced romp that’s parts Star Wars space opera, Indy gusto, and beloved Disney animation set within the cosmic landscape of the Marvel Universe.  It’s awesome.


As a massive fan of the 2008 series by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (known to fans as DnA) the film is based on (it being an escape from my poor life back then) I was more than pleasantly surprised of how evocative the characters were of the comic as they came to life on screen.




James Gunn’s re-write of Nicole Pearlman’s script is filled with brilliantly irreverent and genuinely funny dialogue that gave the actors a smorgasbord of laugh out loud one-liners, heartfelt moments, and bad arse show stoppers.  If it wasn’t for all that plus the chemistry between the actors this could’ve been a bit of a mess, even with the lavish set designs, as the script’s actually a little sloppy in terms of blockbuster – not enough smaller set-ups, some character scenes needed to be accentuated (The Collector, Thanos), slight discord between heartfelt and serious scenes – but that doesn’t matter too much because there’s just so much love here that it’s all right.

guardians-galaxy-knowhere 712767-full_of_stars

I love how many scenes were modelled from the comic series.  As a fan I was in glee the entire ride.  From the team’s introduction in the Kree prison from Annihilation: Conquest – Star-Lord, in the film a Nova Corps prison, The Kyln, an ancient inescapable super-cosmic prison first seen in the Thanos mini-series that was the precursor to the rebirth of the cosmic line of books; to the team’s conversations at their HQ in Knowhere, a science colony within the decapitated head of an ancient Celestial, in the film a mining colony; to Rocket’s feats of engineering; to Drax’s psychotic episodes; to the bar fight; to the series first climax between the Guardians and The Magus, in the film changed to… well, you’ll have to watch it for that one.  There’s more scenes but I think I’d geek out so hard writing ’em all down, I’d soil myself.


Guardians is great.  I’m so happy that such a wonderful series by two very talented writers – DnA – and an incredible group of artists who created so much of the feel, wonder and awe of the book – Paul Pelletier, Brad Walker, Timothy Green II and Wes Craig – made it to the silver screen.  James Gunn, Nicole Pearlman, the entire cast who all nailed it, Kevin Feige and the rest of the guys behind the scenes, did an outstanding job.  Thank you… especially for the soundtrack.  It’s literally an awesome mix of tracks that will get you groovin’; an excellent method to draw your audience in as music along with art and story teach more about life than anything else. The mix’s been on repeat for the past few days, hehe.


With a sequel already confirmed, I wonder who will make the roster for the team’s second outing and what villains may rear their delightfully ugly heads.

  • Adam Warlock would pave the way for his evil side, The Magus, as well as give us Thanos’ “best-friend” and a pseudo-link to the realm of “magic.”
  • Iron Man was part of the later roster, so who knows maybe an in-joke via cameo from RDJ?
  • Then you have Bug, Captain Marvel, Captain Universe, Mantis, Phyla-Vell, Vance Astro, Yondu, Starhawk, the future Guardians, Killraven (a far-future Guardian), Moondragon, Cosmo, Angela, Jack Flagg, Deathcry, Agent Venom (though, Sony own the license to all Spider-Man characters, so Venom is probably very unlikely), each unique and with lots of screen potential.

Personally, I think we may see Adam Warlock, Starhawk and more Cosmo.  Anyway, it’s fun to dream.  Art!

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