‘Birdman’ Quick Review

See this movie!


It’s funny, smart and has a surprising amount of heart. It’s cinematography and tracking shots are nothing short of genius. I mean, I don’t think there are any cuts, it’s one big tracking shot – nearly – there are a couple of breaks seen when night turns to day or vice versa, but they don’t really count 😛

Everything circles back in on itself too. The story within the story – the theatre production Birdman is betting his career on to regain his credibility – cleverly reflects the real story; Birdman’s character arc. It’s smart.

The image system is subtle and clever. Things like the original Batman Returns (1992) movie poster font type used for the Birdman poster but with the Iron Man (2008) colour scheme. The advertising board for The Man of Steel (2013) slightly seen in the background just as the dream-like flying scequence is about to occur. Little things like this add to making the movie.

See this movie!



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