Thoughts on going back to basics

As I continue writing my short film script about four people around a dining table, testing dialogue and conflict, I realised a problem here: I’m not concentrating on how it makes me feel. Why am I telling this story? What do I want to get out of it? That’s what I should be asking myself. Not, can I win this short film competition if I write it this way or that? 

I’ve gone back to basics.

I opened McKee’s Story and flicked through the chapters. With a new notepad in hand, I wrote down ‘Purpose’ as my first heading. Why am I telling this story? I ended up interviewing myself and noting down problems I’ve been dealing with over the past two to four years; hell, maybe even a little longer. Appropriate dinner conversation? I did the same for ‘Problem’, ‘Pulse’, ‘People’, and ‘Process’. All good headings I adapted from — let’s give this guy’s stuff a shot. 

Man, I tells ya, I got a lot out of this. Just getting down to the core of it. Not writing for the sake of writing and seeing what comes up. Just writing for the feeling as Jack Kerouac spins it. I got some gold out of it, but it may be fool’s good.

Anyway, I got some good stuff. A lot of it would be better off in another story. Something that’s more than a few breaths.



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