Thoughts on Outlining

A short film script I wrote for a competition was about an angry girl arguing with her friend for a MacGuffin that was to lead them to a point where they learn that the key to a successful friendship is communication, all within the context of a dinner party between housemates.

It didn’t pan out. I didn’t outline this thing at all. I just went for it and wrote it with a Mad Maxian-fury in order to meet a deadline. When I went back to it, I decided to outline it second time around.

I wrote out the ending, the theme and the major beats I wanted to hit within 7 pages and discovered a much better structure and direction. Hell, I even found a better suited voice for the blasted thing.

Shit happens.

The take away from this is: Outline before you commit to it. Otherwise you’ll be running around trying to fuck spiders.



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