Thoughts on Thoughts

Thinking about your writing helps you to discern mistakes, while writing about writing, say in a journal, allows the process to reveal things to you. There’s actually something to be gained with these exercises, even though they’re a little odd.

That said, the girl I’m dating read through one of my notebooks today, it left her in a mood that I discerned quite quickly was to do with me. Then again, she did look like she had a sore gut, but instincts prevailed.

I coaxed out of her that she read a love letter I wrote to someone – after a sesh – and, well, she got funny about it. Who wouldn’t?!

I explained the notes I take are me practicing to get inside the head of someone else: a character following a certain line of emotion.  They stem from my real life so that the things that are real to me breathe life into my words for a better emotional response when read.

I read the letter out loud and thought that most of it was good except for the last dip before the climax. I learned that it’s good to bounce your writing off someone close to you, and it’s even better when they think it’s real… Well, maybe it was.


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