Thoughts on Story Origins

The writing process itself can reveal to you the elements of a story.

In a  pretty self-aware dream I recently had, I was navigating a stark, empty place where I knew that if I imagined hard enough then something would appear for me. It took the shape of a man but not. I couldn’t stay long enough to find out what it would be, but if I could’ve stayed and talked to it a while, I would’ve gone away to tell his story or use his feelings to imagine a story of my own.

The old timers say that the Dreamtime is where we were imagined from — fictions come real for the sake of experiencing life. I feel like writing something that feels so real, someone actually believes it like a psychotic fan believes his favourite soap opera starlets are real — Creepy!

Maybe when you immerse yourself in nothing but the art of life, the elements of a story comes real.



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