The Tr|p to Muse

Unless they’re your muse, you should avoid the pipe dreams of supine and luxurious thoughts. Trust me, I’m a Pisces.

My day dreaming’s a boon creatively, but it can get in the way of actual progress. Usually it’s when my imagination runs shallow that progress idles then stalls: a rigmarole. To get anything worthwhile, I need to fish deep to pull something capable of reality — a tulpa. And therein lies the trick.

‘There is such a sense of authority that comes out of the primary mystical experience,’ said Roland Griffiths, a psychopharmacologist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Though he’s talking about entheogens ability to be ‘God-facilitating,’ I say the same can be claimed about pulling from your unconscious the dream stuff that’s going to most resonate with people. It’s one route to a muse. Though, that said, such things need an outlet and the absolute best outlet is practice.

Much like exercising for fitness, practicing your writing helps you reach those end goals. When I’m not writing or writing very little, my mind stagnates. To keep it active, I force myself to write timely. I write copy, articles, stories and dreams down daily. I exercise and eat right to maintain my vigor. And I try to live right by me and those around me to keep my spirit up. The results are amazing.

I’m more agile in my endeavours, more creative in my pursuits and my writing acumen increases with confidence. My deepest thoughts come real through words in the best way possible. It’s a joy, to be honest. Writing with such a feeling of authority because I’ve found that which will work is just a real joy. And it’s all in my head! But that’s where it needs to be. Where it needs to ring true and echo with the best version of me.

Ring true.



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