Xmen Apocalypse was what?

I just seen this Saturday morning cartoon on the silver screen, and while I did enjoy the one note characters with thankless expressions because they wielded some crazy FX powers, I didn’t enjoy the story. Like, at all. 

Beside his goal, Apocalypse was actually ok as Oscar Isaac does a superb job with what he’s got to work with. While the rest of the characters and their actors were pretty much useless. The script let’s them down. The characters are, as mentioned, one or two note with perhaps Magneto, Xavier, Cyclops and Jean the only ones who seem fleshed out enough to evoke a care, even though they lack the time to cement it. 

This was spectacle. Well done spectacle for a non-Marvel movie but spectacle nonetheless. Shame. I want complexities that pull at me heart. I guess it’s too much to ask. 

I learned that if you’re going to write about characters with the powers to destroy cities and command nature, you have got to give them something worth fighting for on an emotional level and the time to let it grow/soak in. It needs to resonate. Nothing else will cut it. Snikt! 


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