I found some old stuff…

Electric eyes you cannot ignore. These marbles were originally intended for Lord Jinn. Drifting in and out of the dream? It’s exhilarating… walking between dimensions.

Did you know this is the 7th? Imagination is Lucky no. 7. You helm from the 3rd, correct? Tsk, it’s not for traveling – not at all. Space is too spread out where you’re from and the fabric is missing folds, you see.

But I’m busy, busy! You must hurry along now. The Lord does not tolerate lower dimensioners. Plus no one likes dying on foreign soil. Run along now, run. Our Lord is coming and I have much to do.

You step back. Don’t trip or tumble. The leaves skip and jump as you roll away from the summit, and the warning of the Clock Knight.

~ This is from one of the first stories I ever wrote. Copyrighted, of course! Such nostalgia.


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