2 Books to Read in 2 Weeks

After finishing Memo From The Story Department (Chris Vogler and David McKenna) this morning, I discovered two new novels through work – of all places – 2 read in 2 weeks (it’s a thing):

Why I’ve chosen these books?

Reading graphic novels can help you develop your plotting, which is what the artist chooses to show of the narrative, how it plays out, for you dear reader, including the angles they choose for each panel.


For the Brussolo book, apparently it’s the best Neo-Noir post-Blade Runner. I’ve been dying to read a good scifi and the work Librarian said it’s the bees knees.

I read a screenplay every 2 weeks between reading fiction or non-fiction. I’m reading The Hospital by Paddy Chayefsky at the moment – very funny. I mention it because that’s a pretty shit time limit I set myself. It should be 1 week. So, I’ve set myself 2 weeks to read these two books atop my screenplay read. Yes, I know I’m kinda cheating ’cause the graphic novel will take me no time at all – screw it.


The important thing to remember is: Can I do it?

I’ll let you know.

No, the real important thing to remember is that setting a time limit for yourself – use your iPhone calendar alarms – to read or write something helps you get shit done — and forces you to grow, learn and whatever else.



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