Dream Journaling and Creativity – Princess rides Whale-Shark

All these lucid dreams I’m having is sparking some creativity. It’s been hard to just let them go, so I recorded them into this dream journal app on my phone, at somewhere around two hundred words each entry.

In one, a middle aged Adonis with frizzy black hair joins me to DJ a “killer” rave. In another, a topsy-turvy business venture seashells by the beach becomes a slice of life where Bill Murray educated me on meeting a soul mate. While in the most prevalent dream, I met a dark princess in a world-past-midnight, who rides a flying whale-shark, as she stalks the skies high above the kingdom I’m working a con in. There are others too.

Reading back through the entries is an introspective experience. Similar to a normal journal, I found reading them back helped me work through some things by figuring out the metaphors buried in these fantastical settings. Perfect juice for writing stories.

What I’m trying to say is, get on board. Dream journals are a must for any writer seeking transparency – leading to better creativity.



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