Paradax is the guy you’d be when you weren’t being a prick coming down off acid who’s too much of an arsehole to let his missus know you love her.


From UK comic legends Peter Milligan (X-Statix, Shade the Changing Man) and Brendan McCarthy (Spider-Man: Fever, Mad Max: Fury Road) comes Paradax: an 80s post-punk slacker who uses a super suit to walk through walls and stop havoc wreaking wankers.

Infused with allusions to Steve Ditko’s early Spider-Man art, like Paradax’s meekly, unassuming silhouette, which accentuates it a punk Elvis pompadour superhero, this Kid Flash-inspired wanker is only out for himself.


There’s something about Paradax’s style that seems like spiritualised energy from a distant dream. A rebel with a ‘fuck off’ cause, like 3 min punk songs. Instead of feeling like a big blockbuster, this is psychedelic and clangy guitar.


It’s an inspiring bloody riot.